Griffin Art ($GART) The First major NFT marketplace and GameFi (4/4)

GriffinArt is a next-generation, decentralized and the newest major NFT marketplace and a GameFiproject (around mythological creatures) that powered by a transparent, strong, reliable and hyper-deflationary token: $GART

Griffin Art will create popular types of mobile games that integrated with the $GART token and a NFT Marketplace; allowing players to play, trade, use NFT items and earn tokens inside the game. Only GART holders will able to access the games. They will be able to earn $GART with competitive gaming. “Griffin Land” will be the first game of the Griffin Art platform.

Griffin Art's vision is creating an easy user interface, accessible to the users, creators, and collectors. The users can build their collections or purchase NFTs directly from other users on Griffin Art marketplace with very low fees.

>>NFT Marketplace is in development and you can check the preview in the website:

>>They also started to develop their GAME and V1 website is live:

+They already shared 3 epic characters of their game!




>>TECHRATE SECURITY AUDIT %100: https://github. com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/Griffin%20Art.pdf


$GART Features:

-%7 Buyback:

GART has a buyback fee that automatically takes %7 (tokens) of all the transactions and sends it to the contract wallet. Contract wallet has a buyback mechanism. That mechanism automatically sells the GART tokens it has when the amount reaches a certain number and buy-back the GART tokens every time before a sell happens (with the BNB it gets from its sells), then burns all the tokens that it bought. So there won’t be two sells in a row ever, before every sell there will be a buy on the board. Circulation supply will always decrease with a price increase. Also, bots cannot abuse this buyback mechanism, some parts of the function have been upgraded to prevent that.

-%2 Redistribution:

It has a redistribution function that takes %2 of all the transactions’ token amount and proportionately distributes them to the holders. So the amount of tokens that a holder has always increases with every transaction.

-Also there are %2 marketing fee. Marketing is a key to success 🙂

Pancake Link:

Poocoin Link: poocoin. app/tokens/0xd1ecfdd45c49057479c4ca95e045855370bc4f5b




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