Dragonary NFT GAME (3/4)

Coinary Token ($CYT) is a token that uses BEP-20 technology.
The aim of $CYT is to avoid inflation by limiting the maximum token quantity to one billion tokens (1,000,000,000) that will be distributed over ten years in Dragonary.
This token is used as a cryptocurrency / main token within Coinary multiverse, Dragonary included. Each purchase in Dragonary and other Coinary games will be done with $CYT. Coinary marketplace will convert the cryptocurrencies received from users into $CYT, and these will be deposited in each user account selling items in the marketplace.
Every in-game purchase, breeding commission, and items fusion commission will generate a tokens burn of up to 80% of the cost of each purchase or commission, and the remainder 20% will be allocated to all players. In this way, new tokens creation will be prevented from making $CYT deflationary by default.

Coinary Tokens are obtained by playing Dragonary and mining $CYT will be like mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum: there will be a limited amount of coins or tokens each day. This ensures a predictable issuance and in the case of $CYT, it has a limited maximum supply.


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