Vice President of the CNMV highlights the importance of investing in cybersecurity and warns about crypto assets

In Spain, the vice president of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), Montserrat Martínez, has spoken about the importance of dedicating resources to cybersecurity and also issued warnings about crypto assets. This was reported by the SportsHD portal.

According to the article, Martínez spoke during the closing of a conference on fintech organized by the CNMV.

Martínez expressed: “We are getting used to news of attacks to access data or carry out some type of fraud and its trend is growing.” Then he said that the new cybersecurity regulation of the European Union will require effort on the part of companies, but that it will bring benefits.

On the other hand, he also spoke about crypto assets, and in that context he noted: “As long as we do not have a clear framework, we must always ask ourselves if we have enough information, if we understand the product and the risks that are assumed with the operation.”

Other topics he referred to were the massive use of data, cloud storage and artificial intelligence (AI).

“At the same time, he has made reference to the rise of platforms and the new business models they present, which facilitate the connection between different parties and entail cost reduction, allowing rapid scaling,” they detailed in the SportsHD article.

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