They invite to a virtual chat about Cardano and Polkadot

Organized by Crypto Resources Academia, next Wednesday, March 17, a virtual meeting will be held to analyze two projects of the current crypto ecosystem: Cardano Foundation and Polkadot.

The appointment will be at 19 (GMT-3) and the speakers will be: Antonio Sánchez, CEO of Inforbyt, President of BlockChain Andalucía and ambassador of Cardano; and Hector Esteban Bulgarini, full-stack developer and consultant at Parity Networks.

The talk will be moderated by the economist Jorgelina Echavarría. Those interested in participating can enter here.

Recently consulted by Cointelegraph en Español, Antonio Sáhcnez said that Cardano’s potential lies in low fees, scalability and security.

“It is not the same to implement a project in a network based on a programming language that is not functional like Ethereum Consolidity, which for a semicolon may have a problem when deploying a financial contract. This Cardano it solves it, because it uses a functional programming language based on Haskell, and that gives a pretty big security plus, and anyone who wants to develop a project, looks at these characteristics with a magnifying glass “, said the Cardano ambassador in Spain.

He also emphasized the theme of development: “The team behind it is made up mostly of well-qualified engineers. There are three pillars: IOKH, Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation. Each one has its characteristics and its functions and they work quite well ”.

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