New Bitcoin ATH ?, Ripple beating the SEC, CryptoMarket by 2 trillion dollars and much more. A summary of the most important crypto news of the week

The market is on the lookout for Coinbase’s arrival on the stock market and has been showing mixed pricing positions. As Bitcoin struggles with the resistance of $ 60,000, several altcoins have managed to hit all-time highs and even steal a bit of prominence from BTC.

Thanks to a collaboration between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph, led by Cristóbal Pereira, CEO of Blockchain Summit Latam and Latam Tech, and Ezio Rojas, Head of News at Cointelegraph en Español, We present you a summary of 5 of the news that emerged in the market and ecosystem of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies during this week. You can also listen to it in podcast format here.

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