Power Challanges Every Crypto Miner Runs Into

In the last week, we dropped a massive Step By Step Guide on building a 12 GPU Mining Rig, in hopes of making it 19 GPUs. Sadly I am running into power limitations. I merely don’t have enough power running to my basement to support more GPUs. So how do we overcome this?!

📋Notes: I have 2 Electricians coming out this week to provide quotes on beefing up our power supply in our basement.

📺Videos & Links Mentioned in Video Today:
GPU Hangers & Fan Clips for Metal Racks:

How Much Money I Make Mining:

What to Mine on 4GB Cards? Ravencoin or Ethereum Classic

00:00 Introduction
00:10 12 GPU Mining Rig Montage
01:00 Update On Our 12 GPU Build
01:50 Trouble With Power Draw
03:50 Electricans to the Rescue
04:30 Mining Basement Renovations
05:00 19 GPU Goal Coming Soon
05:30 How To Get GPU Hangers
06:15 Test Bench Project
06:40 GPU Repair Man

Power Challanges Every Crypto Miner Runs Into
How Much Power Does Mining Consume
How Much Electricity Does Crypto Mining Use
What Power Supply To Use For Mining
Mining Power Consumption

📄TheHobbyistMiner Hardware & GPU SpreadSheet:

⏺ Astarin 6 GPU Open Air Mining Rig Frame
⏺ UpHere 120MM 86 CFM Cooling Fans
⏺ Asus B250 Expert Mining Motherboard – 19 GPU Support
⏺ GPURisers 2021 Batch GPU Risers White
⏺ Bec NeTech PCIe GPU Riser Kit
⏺ Sapphire Nitro AMD RX470 4GB DDR5 GPU
⏺ Sapphire Nitro AMD RX570 4GB DDR5 GPU
⏺ PNY Geforce GTX 1650 Super OC 4GB DDR6 GPU
⏺ EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB DDR6 GPU
⏺ HP 1200W Server PowerSupply x 3
⏺ AresGame 750W Bronze ATX PowerSupply
⏺ Misfit Mining 3D Printed GPU Hangers

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Disclaimer – I am not an “Expert”, I am learning along the way, just like you! Please do your own research, come to your own conclusions & make your own mistakes! Everything on this channel is for fun as a hobby and entertainment for you, the viewer.

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