New DeFi Crypto Token Launching — Hidden Gem?!

We are in a cryptocurrency bullrun, and there are a lot of exciting cryptocurrencies to choose from, but how do you find the hidden gems?! Let’s review rAAVE backed by GRO!
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rAAVE is launching HERE!
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Growth DeFi and their GRO token continue to expand their ecosystem by launching rAAVE a rebasing token that will launch with incentivized liquidity pools for liquidity providers. rAAVE will use the liquidity to yield farm and use the yield farming profitability to buy back rAAVE supporting its own ecosystem. One of the incentivized liquidity pools will add more liquidity to GRO, further enhancing the demand, volume, and liquidity for GRO. Growth DeFi recently was audited by Concensys, which costs around $80,000 which shows are serious they are with re-investing in their own ecosystem. rAAVE is not the last token GRO will be launching on their platform, so it’s a very exciting time to review this young Decentralized Finance DeFi token while it still has a sub 50 million dollar marketcap!

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rAAVE is launching HERE!
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
0:00 New hidden gem in the DeFi space
1:38 Buy bitcoin mining rigs with Compass today
2:00 Please be aware of scam comments
3:01 Growth DeFi and their rapid growth
4:35 Get in early on rAAVE, a low-cap hidden gem!
5:28 What is rAAVE?
8:25 Participating as a liquidity provider for rAAVE
10:33 Team behind rAAVE
12:08 This hidden gem will launch on Uniswap
13:14 What is a token rebase?
14:24 Why I’m bullish on GRO and rAAVE
15:18 What are your thoughts on this project?

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