How To Dominate GPU Crypto Mining in 2021 (HiveOS New Year Giveaway Stream!) + come together to bring you a LIVE look at the some of the best (and worst) practices from the data we’ve collected in the GPU crypto mining industry.

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0:00:00 music/mic test
0:01:24 Stream Start
0:05:21 Overview
0:10:00 Obstacles in 2020
0:25:45 Disappointments in 2020
0:30:44 Positive events in 2020
0:40:40 Planning Ahead for 2021
1:14:25 Summary – What to Expect
1:19:59 Payments in HiveOS
1:22:47 Will ETH do hybrid consensus?
1:23:34 Is there an API for remote commands?
1:24:42 Keeping your account secure
1:27:30 Why I use HiveOS
1:31:43 Why do hashrates from software to pool differ?
1:40:16 Does Seth have any 30XX cards yet?
1:41:00 HiveOS Referral system?
1:43:36 Ways to save $ on fees
1:46:49 Top feature no one uses?
1:49:35 How to update drivers manually in HiveOS?
1:50:00 How to change coins without changing settings?
1:51:00 What is the point of HiveOS?
1:53:52 Is HiveOS a scam?
1:59:00 Are driver updates required to run stably?
2:00:37 Reducing power consumption
2:03:09 Upcoming features
2:04:41 Account problems – locked out/banned
2:06:06 Driver support for 30XX cards
2:08:05 Remote access & gpu memory info
2:10:52 Can I add a custom miner?
2:12:10 Can I mine with 4GB cards?
2:12:32 Does HiveOS have firmware for EVERY GPU?
2:14:51 Turning off LED backlight on GPUs
2:16:28 I have 2GB GTX 1050’s…
2:18:42 Does it run on M.2 drives?
2:20:14 Frequent rebooting in Hive
2:23:18 Only 2 rigs- Why use Hive?
2:25:48 Can I use Nvidia & AMD on one rig?
2:27:34 Decrease rejected shares from overclocking
2:29:26 Can I run 19 RTX 30XX cards on a rig?
2:32:48 Assigning physical bus numbers to software
2:34:00 % fanspeed vs actual temp
2:37:22 Different pricing at scale?
2:38:05 What to expect with HiveOn ETH payouts
2:40:05 Can I be blocked by Hive for using a VPN?
2:40:43 Explain to me like a child
2:41:00 List of supported wifi chipsets?
2:42:38 Final call for questions/outro

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How To Dominate GPU Crypto Mining in 2021 (HiveOS New Year Giveaway Stream!)
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