Ethereum Miners are planning a 51% attack on ETH??? Explained

BREAKING NEWS — Are Ethereum miners really planning a 51% attack on Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency ever because ETH is ABANDONING their GPU and ASIC miners?! Here’s the full story..
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The drama never stops with Ethereum, originally Vitalik Buterins baby, ETH launched as a proof of work mineable cryptocurrency on the daggerhashimoto mining algorithm, later updated to the Ethash mining algorithm that we know for mining ETH today. Ethereum developers consider slapping ETH miners in the face, and EIP-1559 has been solidified which DOES NOT FIX THE OUTRAGEOUS ETH GAS FEES — Ethereum miners are fed-up, and some miners are planning to centralize their mining hashrate on Ethermine to achieve over 51% as a show of force regarding a potential — but not planned, 51% attack. Bitboy crypto the biggest crypto youtube channel right now states that Ethereum miners are planning a 51% attack on Ethereum SOON — perhaps he knows something we do not but as far as we know that is not currently the plan. However, many peaceful protests have turned into violent riots rather quickly and unexpectedly. Let’s review Ethereum mining, if it’s worth it, and if mining Ethereum will still be profitable after the next hardfork!

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