Crypto Give-Away Live-Mining Live Stream! GPU's on the way! 5600XT Mining ETH! Ask me anything!

I am picking up more Graphics cards soon! Livestream, ask any questions!

Will e giving out BTC from last stream!

I hope everyone is having a great day!

I will not always be at my PC, If I am I am hoping to have my Camera and Mic Set up! I will be Live in Chat when I am AFK on my phone! I want to run this LiveStream for over 24 Hours in order to get a lot of submissions to win free Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Mining using NiceHash and AMDRX480, RX570, RX580, and GTX 1060. Mining ETH LIVE using 5600XT GPU. I will be answering any and all questions about mining or crypto! I will give you my best OPINION and let you know what I am currently thinking! Profitability is insane right now! Check out my page for links to mine yourself today! Passive income at its finest! I will be answering questions as I see them! Leave questions in the chat and come back to answers later!

Subscribe and Like, it goes a long way! Thank you and Happy Mining!