Create Dash Trading and Liquidity Mining Bots with Hummingbot to Earn Rewards

On today’s Dash Talk episode Amanda B. Johnson speaks with Carlo Las Marias, Co-Founder and COO of Hummingbot. Hummingbot is an open source, institutional-grade crypto market making bot. Fully-automated, powerful, and secure. High-frequency crypto trading bots enable decentralized market making for centralized and decentralized exchanges. Liquidity mining is a data-driven decentralized approach to market making.

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Question Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
00:22 What does Hummingbot do?
01:50 How many exchanges does Hummingbot support?
02:30 How long has Hummingbot been around?
03:49 Who is the team behind Hummingbot?
04:40 What is the difference between Hummingbot and competitors?
07:07 What is the Hummingbot business model?
08:40 How easy is it to create bots on Hummingbot?
10:06 Why did Hummingbot decide to join Dash FastPass Network?

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