Womplay Review – Earn EOS by Playing Games

➜ Womplay – https://womplay.io?ref=UX9ECSM
Womplay a rewards platform designed for passionate players that gets them some bonus #EOS on top of what they make in games. The best part is — all your favorite titles from Crypto Dynasty to Chain Clash will be integrated with it! #Gaming #Cryptocurrency

To use Womplay, you will need to have an EOS account created with, or imported to Wombat. Other wallets will not be compatible. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wombat-eos-telos-wallet/amkmjjmmflddogmhpjloimipbofnfjih

To convert your Wombucks to EOS, you will need to join the special cash-out event — you will see a purple button under the prize pool. All the Wombucks you’ve earned will count towards your reward. These events typically last for a week and end on Fridays, at 13:00 CET.

Your earnings depend on two things: the total amount of Wombucks submitted for the event and your share of those. For instance, if all the challengers contribute 100,000 Wombucks with you putting in 16,000 Wombucks, you will get 16% of the prize pool. Note that this share might change as more Womplayers join the event and contribute Wombucks.
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