The Best Crypto To Buy Right Now! Gala Games Gala nodes, Mirandus!

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This week Gala Games nodes and crypto rocketed 600% and after posting this video past 1,000%! Watching this video could potentially change your life! Buy nodes and earn $Gala! If you’re looking for the best investment in blockchain or gaming look no further. Their use case crypto is created by founders and developers from Zynga, famous for Farmville and many other awesome games! They currently have a game called Town Star and hype is growing around their coming blockchain MMO Mirandus! Big moon action here!

UPDATE: Many people are having delays or trouble buying GALA from the Simplex store used by Gala’s website. I believe this is due to gas limits on transactions because Ethereum is congested. Many people are turning to Uniswap to get GALA. GALA crypto at this writing a top 200 crypto and that will help it to get supported on major exchanges!

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Intro: (0:00)
The Opportunity: (2:17)
How Did We Get Here?: (8:47)
Why Use Case Crypto Moons: (16:26)
Gala’s Steam-like Platform: (19:34)
AAA Development Team: (21:02)
How Much is a Node?: (22:01)
Get Your Own Referral Link: (22:50)
How Much Can You Earn?: (22:56)
You Don’t Have to Buy One to Benefit: (25:26)
Why This Is Just Beginning: (26:11)
How Node Purchases Impact Earnings: (28:34)
10 Million Customers (Players) (34:27)
What Are The Risks? Can This Sustain? (36:19)
What Are Common Skepticisms? (40:42)
Why Should You Put Faith In This? (43:08)
Important! The Tesla Effect: (45:53)
Gala’s Dream Team: (49:07)
Community of Champions: (51:28)
How To Buy A Node: (53:38)
Final Thoughts: (1:00:07)
My 2 Day Earnings: (1:07:00)
Finale: (1:07:50)