Talking About Town Star by Gala Games

Hello, everyone. We just ended another one of the weekly events in Town Star. I got to 16th place and worked in a team for the first time. I do see that is the way you have to play to be one of the top 10 players. My team had some time zone issues and was the first time we did this and there is some learning to that. Still playing the game and talking to others showed me some issues. The main problem is Eth Fees. Gala Games put out a nice game and the next one looks to be pretty cool. I have no issues with how they play. But in the play to earn model of crypto games ETH ruins it. I have a chest full of items worth around 50 dollars that will cost me $50-$100 dollars to claim. Now the teams know this is an issue and yet they held the event and gave us NFTs anyway. It is very confusing to me why they did that. I got into the event earn the elf bot and placed top 30 each week. But now I have a delay in me getting my elf bot, and upgraded fountain. With Items I can’t claim in the treasure chest I am just getting a bit annoyed. Still, I have high hopes for the platform overall and think it is good that I an early player. This next week I plan to take a break from playing and dig more into the items and the platform.

Let me know what I got wrong if you are playing. I think I might be a bit too critical of them. If you still want to play knowing it might be a while before you can claim your rewards then sign up. I won’t give up on them just might want the NFT chain issue worked out before I get more into the game.
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You can earn 100 Gala tokens by playing for at least 3 days and if you keep playing you can win Gala once the

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