Playing Games on Pipeflare for Free Crypto. Free Z Cash, Doge, Dash, and Flare $_$

Here I play Beat Box and Flare Hit on Pipeflare to get free crypto currency. Pipeflare offers weekly contests that let you win Z Cash. You also earn Flare while playing the games which you can use to buy power ups etc.

Try it for yourself here:

Pipefare is similar to Zen Horizon Hub. This site holds similar contests but the prize is ZEN crypto.
Try it here:
You can also see a video on my channel of playing Blox Jump on Horizon.

These sites offer you Alt Coins – Altcoins include crypto / digital currency that is not Bitcoin. The most popular alt coin is Ethereum. Check out more of the videos on my channel to get free crypto!

Thank you for checking out this video. Let me know what you think in the comments and enjoy your free crypto!

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