Nine Chronicles | Ep. 01 Noobing Into Nine Chronicles | Blockchain Game | Idle RPG 2021

#NineChronicles #BlockchainGame #DecentralizedGame #CryptoGame
I’m starting on a new super early access blockchain game called Nine Chronicles, a very interesting completely decentralized idle rpg styled game with norse mythology, cats and a native crypto currency used within the game.

If you join via my referral link above, I will earn gold if you reach level 20, and again if you reach level 50 and defeat a world boss

This video is the first in a small series of 7 videos covering my first day with the Nine Chronicles decentralized blockchain game, where I learned the ropes so to say. Playing Nine Chronicles for the first time is a strange mixture of something very familiar (I’ve played many Idle games and RPGs) and something completely new (fully decentralized blockchain game where miners need to mine blocks for game data to be processed).

My first day with this crypto game has been amazing I’ve learned a great deal about what is possible with the decentralized blockchain tech that is taking over the up-coming game world.