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Decentralized Finance DeFi is the most profitable place to be in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency! Uniswap re-ignited the cryptocurrency airdrop sensation when they surprise launched their UNI tokens to compete with Sushiswap and their SUSHI tokens that were stealing a ton of their decentralized exchanges’ liquidity. 1inch decentralized exchange aggregator has had two HUGE crypto airdrops and their 1inch tokens have skyrocketed in value making early crypto investors in DeFi potentially RICH. Let’s review the most recent crypto DeFi airdrops, some upcoming airdrops and the huge potential airdrop for MetaMask with a Metamask META? token?? And the speculation on how to become eligible along with Gitcoin grant donor airdrop eligibility along with the incoming $MASK token airdrop following the $2 MILLION dollar raise they completed!

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