Mastering Alchemy In Lost Relics | Blockchain Game | Time and Experience to Level 40

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So, you wanna be an Alchemist in Lost Relics??? Perhaps you’re just curious about what it takes to become a master!!? Let’s dig into it;)

I am looking into Lost Relics, an action RPG that I feel combines the best of dungeon crawler games like Diablo with RPG adventures such as World of Warcraft. The game is topped by a dynamic player-driven economy with blockchain items, that when looted and brought to your stash, are yours to keep, sell or destroy for life!

This Lost Relics video is based on the downloadable game from (version 0.1.000158) early access by codebitlabs.

In this Lost Relics action RPG video, I am talking about, and showcasing my spreadsheet of progress as an alchemist, one of the two current production skills in the game. I have recorded my progress from level 1 to level 40 as a Lost Relics alchemist, and am sharing the amount of experience and time players need to dedicate to master this trade skill.

Alchemy is about making potions by using a vial from the town merchant with one or more resources that can be gathered with gathering skills in the game. Potions recipes are unlocked as you gain more alchemy levels, and making the potions grant the experience needed to level further. All potions are at this point virtual items that can be traded with other players via the town emporium. Some potions require blockchain components that are consumed in the crafting process, while others simply require virtual items.

The blockchain loot concept is new to me, I am familiar with the concept, but have never played a game with actual blockchain loot before.

One thing worth noting about Lost Relics is, that the game is completely free to play, unlike most blockchain games on the market right now.

You can play and have fun for free, but loot items that are yours to sell for real money (cryptocurrency). Getting free blockchain items in Lost Relics is not the same as a type of free bitcoin mining 2021. You loot items that must be transferred to a wallet at the cost of transfer crystals and then sold in a digital marketplace for a cryptocurrency such as Enji or Etherium.

Lost Relics is the first free to play game I have found and enjoyed int he blockchain games category and a great arpg 2021

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