Lost Relics FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Should You Play This Game? #blockchaingames #enjin #cryptogames

Tried out a brand new game that utilizes the crypto blockchain! Talk about UNIQUE! Come see me play it for the first time and give my first impressions.

You can play Lost Relics for FREE @ https://lostrelics.io/

Read the exhaustive FAQ at: lostrelics.io/faq
In-game blockchain Items: lostrelics.io/items
Leaderboards: lostrelics.io/leaderboards
View the full list of supported Multiverse items at: lostrelics.io/leaderboards

Come hang out with our community at:

Twitch – http://twitch.tv/veetus
Discord: http://discord.me/veetus
Twitter: http://twitter.com/veetus
Facebook: http://facebook.com/veetustv