– Exploring FUTURE GAME MECHANICS!….Maybe! Crypto, NFTs, Digital Assets Buying & selling

In this video I take a DEEP DIVE into the Sandbox Crypto game and look at some game mechanics that will possibly be found in Earth2!

Maybe this is the FUTURE of Earth2! I talk about Crypto, NFTs (Non fungible assets) and also the creation of digital assets to sell within the market place.

Yes, yes, I know it’s all speculation and guesses so there’s no need to call me out on that. Nonetheless I think its a good starting point because I see so many similarities in what both games are trying to achieve!

Anyways I hope you enjoy the videos. My videos tend to be on the longer side because let’s face it, who else is going to bore you to death on Youtube HAHA!


0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Land sale stage
1:22 – Making digital assets and market place
2:06 – Non Fungible Assets
6:22 – In game currency – Cyrpto!
6:58 – Buying in game currency using BINANCE
10:41 – Similar gaming aspirations
12:00 – Sandbox Roadmap
13:30 – final long thoughts!

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