Crash and Edy #28 Gala Games, Ethereum gas fees coming to an end soon, Flare networks, XRP, bitcoin

Crash and Edy – Episode #28

This episode introduces Gala Games with a great vid from crypto Eri. ETH gas fees are exploding, but so are the solutions around them fortunately. Crash is on a major show up streak and seems determined to keep it going even if he has to take the occasional mid-show break. The crypto markets are on fire right now, but is the bull run almost over or just getting started?

The “great reset” is under way! Crash and Edy are here to get you through the most fascination, yet challenging times of gets closer every day and crypto is maturing in a big way as regulations continue take shape.

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crypto Eri
FlareNetworks + Gala + XRP Ledger & ETH Virtual Machine, No Fee NFT – Radical Change for Gaming

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