Coin Artist Interview – Video Games & NFTs | Marguerite deCourcelle – Alexandre Raffin

Today, we’re chatting with Marguerite deCourcelle @coin_artist, CEO and founder of Blockade Games, creator of the new RPG “Neon District”.

Marguerite is known for having created crypto puzzles. Her most famous work is “Torched H34R7S”, a Bitcoin puzzle artwork worth $50K, solved after 3 years. It received international publicity from BBC, Bloomberg, MIT Tech Review, NPR, IBTimes, Venturebeat, and Motherboard.
Her work inspired thousands of people to work cooperatively towards a shared goal.
But Marguerite wanted her own gaming studio, which is how Blockade Games was born.
Blockade Games is a leading blockchain video game development studio.
Blockade is producing Neon District, a flagship video game franchise, that introduces mainstream players to blockchain with a seamless and engrossing user experience.
Leveraging the latest in decentralized technologies, players battle to progress through a sci-fi dystopia and earn in-game NFT (non-fungible token) items.
With blockchain games, digital collectibles have all the benefits associated with traditional physical collectibles, but can also be so much more.

00:25 Intro
01:43 Story behind the first Bitcoin puzzle
05:44 Blockade is developing Neon district
06:25 The first puzzle took 3 years to be solved
07:30 How NFTs work in Neon District
09:26 Power must be fairly distributed between users
11:22 COIN is not just ‘tied’ in Neon District
13:41 Can we play Neon District without the 6 gear NFTs?
16:15 Correlation between token price and the number of players
18:16 Is Neon district the first legit game to integrate crypto?
19:54 Relationship between CRED and COIN
22:58 Possible future DAO?
23:39 Will you release more games?
26:08 Team & finances
29:19 Initial hype: early stage vs long term sustainability
32:23 Usual day
33:58 Book recommendation
34:31 Final words


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