Axie Infinity ($AXS), Becoming an NFT Giant, 2021 Roadmap, Play-to-Earn Games, Aave Partnership

Join Layer1 as we sit down with Jiho from Axie Infinity, to discuss how Axie became the #1 NFT platform on Ethereum, the Binance Launchpad process for $AXS, a look at the 2021 Roadmap and LAND sales, the $SLP token, and how he accidentally banned a whole family from the game.



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0:00 Start
2:12 Axie Inifnity’s Growth
4:27 What is Axie Infinity?
5:37 $SLP Token
7:33 Town in the Philippines / Play-To-Earn
9:30 Can NFT’s be the Adoption Layer for crypto?
12:59 $AXS Token and Tokenomics
16:26 How do you scale Axie?
17:45 Why has Axie been so successful?
21:20 2021 Roadmap
22:29 Land Sales in Axie
27:17 Partnership w/ Aave + DeFi and NFTs
30:50 Axie Lore
33:22 What is the NFT Industry missing?
36:00 Book Recommendation

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This is not financial advice, and information was found publicly on the internet. Opinions shared on this episode are solely of the Layer1 team. All information is public domain. Please do your own research.