Best Apps To Earn Free Bitcoin by Playing Games ( Real And Legit )

Best Apps To Earn Free Bitcoin by Playing Games ( Real And Legit )
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10- Blockchain Game

This is an arcade game, where you have to put blocks on top of each other, and the target is to make a long chain. It’s a lightweight app, has more than half a million downloads. It’s been around since 2016, so they probably one of the first few to get the idea. Maybe that’s why they got a perfect name for a blockchain game.

9 – CryptoWord

It’s a nice little good old word game. You are given lots of random letters piled over each other, and the target is to connect them and find hidden words. The blocks you use will disappear. The goal is to score 1000 points and finish the blocks. They have provided information on how to play, and you get more points for using certain colored blocks. Levels get more difficult as you move up, and rewards get higher too. You can do in-app purchases to get a clue on a word.

8 – Bitcoin Blast
It’s a nice fun game, available to android users who can start playing in their spare time to get some really fun bonuses. It’s similar to Candy Crush Saga, you have to combine the same colored boxes. The more boxes you connect in one go, the better you will be scored. Really easy and addictive game, that you would want to play for hours, but the game doesn’t allow you to keep playing for a very long time.

7 – BitBomb
Another fun app that’s similar to Bitcoin Blast or Candy Crush Saga. But it’s quicker than them. You have a very short time limit to connect same looking blocks. The faster you play, the faster you earn Starcoins. Starcoin is the in-game currency that can be converted to real bitcoin. One game doesn’t take more than 1 minute. Every game can bring you up to 10,000 coins, based on how well you’ve played. After playing for a while, you have to wait for a little for your energy to fill up again.

6 – Quicrypto
You can also use apps to watch ads, install apps, and do surveys to make bitcoins. Quicrypto is a simple, user-friendly app that allows you to do all of that. It gives you tasks to do, and in return gives you rewards. After you’ve installed the app, you can choose how you want the rewards, in Bitcoin or in Nano. Nano can be withdrawn to the app, Natrium.

5 – bFast bFree
This is another phone farming app. Shows you ads, surveys, gives you tasks. One thing about them that we absolutely love, was their honest description.

4 – BitCoin Pop – Earn Real Bitcoin
Another mobile game app with a very honest description, tells the users that they will earn free bitcoin, but in small amounts. They’re rated 4.5 on Google Play Store, and that’s a real good score because all of their reviews look legit. Guys, you need to understand that these apps can only pay a little bit of money to you and that these games work better for people who are addicted to playing mobile games.

3 – StormX
It’s a Crypto Cash Back App. It’s available for android and ios both. It’s got 4.2 stars ration on Google Play Store which is an amazing rating. It pays you for completing some micro-tasks, you get paid to watch ads, and for downloading different apps and games and trying them out, basically any micro-task you can think of.

2 – Coinbase
Guys, throughout this video we’ve been mentioning coinbase. It’s a free Bitcoin wallet where you can store your bitcoins that you’ve earned from using all these apps and playing all the games that we showed you. But this is not why we’re mentioning coinbase here, the reason is that you can earn up to 167 dollars on their website in just 2 to 6 hours.

1 – Cointiply
The number one on our list is the website called Cointiply. It has over 1.7 million users, and have paid them over 700,000 dollars. It asks you to do micro-tasks, but the best thing is you can do these tasks on your computer. Its app version is not available for ios yet. It needs you to do surveys, complete tasks, watch videos, and also, they have bonuses within the app that you can take advantage of.
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