Yield Farming on thesmokehouse.finance

In this video I walk you through how to use thesmokehouse.finance yield farm on the Binance Smart Chain.



Welcome all carnivores, meat smokers, BBQers, and Binance Smart Chainers! Welcome to The Smokehouse Grill and DeFi. We can’t wait to show you our mouthwatering meats.
What is The Smokehouse?
What is The Smokehouse? We are a yield farming and staking protocol that will focus on two things, HIGH APY and SECURITY. There have been way too many rugs lately so our team wants to provide a safe environment for everyone to get their degen farm on. This farm and the whole ecosystem that will be built will be lead a trusted team, with the sole purpose of protecting your investment.

On to the juicy details:

Initial supply: 20,001
Presale: 20,000
Creating LP pairs: 1

SMOKE : https://bscscan.com/address/0x5239fe1a8c0b6ece6ad6009d15315e02b1e7c4ea#code
SAUCE : https://bscscan.com/address/0x481AC3E7FB8169cE245c824c9Dba47258d0Cf2b8#code
PitMaster : 0xb4Fa8846ce2739CEB728D49282A24890057D7110
Presale : 0x0C3685e0dEeeD18F5722d3441384179C01F0ae59
Incomplete Audit: https://github.com/Hebilicious/bsc-audits/blob/master/SMOKE/SMOKE.md

Reward Emissions:
First 24 hours: All you can eat buffet – 4 rewards per block
Next 48 hours: Thanksgiving at Grandmas – 3 rewards per block
Final emissions: Diet for summer body – 1.5 rewards per block

Initial Liquidity pools for farming SMOKE tokens:

Take a look at our meat

Reward multipliers:
SMOKE/BNB – PCS LP (35x Rewards) Smoked Brisket Pool
SMOKE/BUSD – PCS LP (20x Rewards) Pulled Pork Pool
SMOKE/USDT – STREETSWAP LP ( 8x Rewards ) Short Ribs Pool
BIFI/BNB – PCS LP – (2x Rewards) Filet Mignon Pool
THUGS/BNB – Streetswap LP – (2x Rewards) T-Bone Pool
FUEL/BNB – Streetswap LP – (2x Rewards) Tri Tip Pool
CAKE/BNB – PCS LP – (2x Rewards) Beefcake Pool
LINK/BNB – PCS LP – (1x Rewards) Texas Hot Links Pool

Presale Details:
Whitelist presale – 50 people
12,500 / 500 BNB ( MAX 10 per wallet )
Originally miscalculated presale – it was always meant to be 1 bnb = 25. Any extra coins from presale will be instantly burned.
No ititial liquidity provided other than initial creation of all the pools
Users are encouraged to add their own LP as this is an LP farming pool – the earlier you LP the better rates you will get in.
The team will use the raise as their payment as we will not premine any team tokens. The team is 6 people large and we are very commited to providing you a quality project.

Website: https://thesmokehouse.finance/
Twitter: @SmokehouseDefi
Telegram: https://t.me/SmokehouseFinance
Medium: https://smokehousedefi.medium.com/
Audit: https://github.com/Hebilicious/bsc-audits/blob/master/SMOKE/SMOKE.md

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