Yield farm DUCK tokens now to get FREE POOLZ presale tokens!!!!

If you yield farm your duck tokens or pre stake your duck LP tokens right now or before the first block reward duck dao will give you free POOLZ pre sale tokens which is their next incubator project that extremely over subscribed ! In this video i walk you through the process step by step on how you can become a liquidity provider on uniswap for the various yield farming pools duck dao currently has available and ultimately stake or farm your LP tokens to get massive rewards during the very first peak week! .

What is the Duck Liquidity Pool?

Duck Liquidity Pool was pioneered by DuckDao, the world’s largest and most popular crowd-backed digital asset incubator. With DuckDaoDime (DDIM), we revolutionised the early stage crypto investment market. Next, we incubated and successfully launched some of the earliest DeFi projects in the space. By incubating Base Protocol, we re-ignited the elastic supply token market. As DuckDao moved from one step to the next, it became clearer that the yield farming industry and digital asset market making were not currently designed for longer term success of all involved stakeholders. Hence, we went back to the drawing board and built a DeFi market making solution that also provides a long term passive income to all liquidity providers.

The Duck Token

The Duck Liquidity Pool is a DuckDAO DeFi Market Maker protocol that will provide an opportunity for yield farmers to take advantage of the new opportunities with real skin in the game. At the very core of the DLP is the “One-Sided Token Burn” (Unilateral burn) which is counterintuitive at first, because it burns 50% of the earned rewards. However, the high expected APY levels, access to 50% of profits from market making, airdrop of incubated project tokens and customised NFT campaigns can result in compounding of long term passive income. The Duck Liquidity Token’s ticker is $DUCK.

Yield Farming 2.0
Starting mid 2020 yield farming platforms started their operations with proprietary tokens – and nearly all them lost value because of the massive inflation that happens when high returns are given. This can’t work out in the long term, which is why Duck Liquidity Pool researched and built the revolutionary “Deflationary Farming 2.0”. One-Side-Burn means that you will lose one side of your liquidity. Yes right, you will never get it back! Why should you still do it then? Because the rewards you get from farming (staking LP tokens) are higher than what you have put into the liquidity after a certain time! Sounds quacky? This is the miracle behind protecting the DUCK token from inflation. Every time when someone leaves the Duck Farm, his provided liquidity gets burned and the supply of the DUCK token gets lower. And not only DUCK token gets burned, also DDIM gets burned in pools like DDIM/ ETH, DDIM/USDT. Same mechanism. It is always the ONE SIDE of the liquidity that gets burned to make the whole DuckDAO token system deflationary. And in the end everybody will profit from this!

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