Top 20 BSC Yield Farming Projects

Binance Smart Chain Projects I’m invested & diversified in:
(descending order based on my investment amount & confidence in the project)
Pancakeswap-Multiple Pairs –
BSCEX-Multiple Pairs –
JetFuel Cake/BnB Vault –
AutoFarm Auto/BnB –
ACryptoS ACS/BnB –
Goose Egg/BnB –
CafeSwap Brew/BnB –
Bakery Bake/Shield –
Burger Burger/BnB –
Bunny Cake/BnB –
bDollar BDO/BnB –
Kebab Kebab/BnB –
Ditto Ditto/BnB –
DankSwap Weed/BnB –
SmokeHouse Smoke/BnB –
BRY – (farm on pancake)
SFP – (farm on pancake)
ZD Bought ZD – Upcoming, buy here:
ExtendFinance Bought EXF –
BigNite Bought BigNite –
Br34p Bought Br34p –

Researching, Interested in:
Hodl @hodlearn
GBOI @goodboitoken

Not Investing:
beefyFinance – promoting scam,no audit,bad UI
ForceProtocol – Unclear on Bond/Bank/Qian
BNEX – No market presence, older and extreme APY’s
StormSwap – No market presence, older and extreme APY’s
Bamboo – Bad UI, Lottery is confusing
CrossFi – One Triple Farm? Not enough there
BSC Farm – Low Apy’s
SmartDollar – Unsustainable Apy’s
JulSwap – Run by serial scammer Tobias, will rug 100%

Great Resources: (shows rugs, most upcoming projects) (analytics on 25 BSC projects) (only select farms)

Top DEFI Passive Income Projects:
Bankroll Flow – 365 APY-1% Daily ༻
Flow Buddy Link: TBUt9Jvi2RGD5hJXWMHF9hVF9f7mB7etnH
Flow Review:
Stronghold -225 APY-0.61% Daily༻

Top STAKING Picks:
stkGRO – 173 APY-0.47% Daily
GRO DeFi ༻
Explainer Video:
HEX – 50 APY-0.13% Daily
Crypos Masternodes – Avg 783 APY-2.14% Daily
Crex24 (masternode exchange) ༻

BitsGap 240 APY-0.65% Daily ༻
Bitsgap Review:
BitCross 220 APY-0.60% Daily
Steps: 1st setup Bitmex w/BitCross registered ref link:
Next fund with minimum $100 (otherwise auto deletes bitcross account when registering)
Third setup BitCross account ༻
Lastly: Enter API key and select S1-S5 strategy and once account is setup it will automatically start trading on your behalf.
Wick Hunter ༻ (currently closed for new members, join waitlist)
WH Discord:
Trading Bot Server Hosting:
Vultr Virtual Private Server Hosting ($20 month):
Pionex (internal exchange bots) ༻
Pionex Review:

Other Tron Passive Income Projects:
Divs ༻
Bankroll Stack ༻
Bankroll Stockpile 200+ APY ༻
T2X ༻
GooseBet ༻

Other Passive Income Projects
Qubittech ༻
Wise Staking ༻
CashFX ༻
CashFX Review:
Passive Expert (temp closed for new members)༻

Best Exchanges to Trade DeFi Tokens on Right Now:
BiBox ༻
KuCoin ༻ ༻
BitMart ༻
Binance ༻

Top Crypto Debit Cards:
Crypto-com ༻ – sign up & we both get $25 USD
Wirex ༻ – earn free BTC by signing up
Top 20 Crypto Card Review:
GCash ༻
PayMaya ༻ InviteCode: DW35YPNM193K

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