Polaris DeFI New BSC Yield Farm With More Planned

I don’t always make two videos in a day but when I find something that I want to share with you guys I try to make it fast. Polaris DeFi is a new Yield Farming site that is a Fork of Goose but with some ideas for me. I know they are not brand new but the first time I have seen them combined like this. Also, it is a low supply coin with a small market cap. I think that taking a look at the site if you see this video before Monday is a must. Make sure to read the DOCs site before you go into this because with all yield farms you need to be careful and understand what they are trying to do. They have one of the better roadmaps and guilds that I have seen around. They also are on V2 so this isn’t a new site just a launch of a lot of new features they have been building. Let me know what you think. Sorry forgot to show you the chart but the link below.

I didn’t get in the Launchpad so that is for those of you who do the extra research as you should.

Note the Contact has been submitted to Certik but not Audited yet. But they are a match to the Goose Source code.

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PolarisDefi Site: https://app.polarisdefi.io/
DOC Site: https://polarisproject.gitbook.io/polaris-defi/
Polars Medium: https://polarisdefi.medium.com/
BSC Scan: https://bscscan.com/token/0x3a5325f0e5ee4da06a285e988f052d4e45aa64b4
Polaris Chart: https://dex.guru/token/0x3a5325f0e5ee4da06a285e988f052d4e45aa64b4-bsc