Pancake Swap Explained (Binance Smart Chain Yield Farming)

Pancake Swap Explained: In this video we discuss Binance Smart Chain yield farming. I give you a full tutorial on on to get started with Binance Smart Chain and explain how Pancake Swap works.

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0:00 Intro
1:45 Decentralized Exchange Basics
4:10 Intro To Binance Smart Chain
5:15 Binance Smart Chain Wallet Tutorial
9:05 My Favorite VPN
9:50 Setup Metamask to Work With BSC
12:33 How to Trade on Pancake Swap
16:10 How to Add Liquidity on Pancake Swap
17:17 How to Farm on Pancake Swap

Change Metamask Network
Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Currency Symbol: BNB

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