Pancake Bunny Finance Smart Contract Security Audit | DeFI Yield Farming Aggregator on BSC

Mike from Talk.Crypto walks you through how to review a blockchain project security audit. For this video, Mike reads through page by page and summarizes the key points of the Haechi Smart Contract Security Audit and General Analysis Version V2.0 for PancakeBunny.Finance. Pancake Bunny Finance is a Defi yield farming aggregator and optimizer for Binance Smart Chain ( BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). Liquidity providers who are engaging in yield farming face risks of impermanent loss and slippage. However, this report identifies risks outside of farming activities that may affect your investment strategy. These risks are identified and classified within the report as Critical, Major, Minor, and Tips. The report also identifies the specific smart contracts that are subject to this audit. Stay tuned to the end to check out an Easter egg. (Happy Easter)

00:10 Intro
00:036 Why to review Security Audits
01:28 About Haechi
02:11 Classification of Issues
02:26 Summary
02:43 Contracts Subject to Audit
04:40 Issues Found
06:38 Summary and Outro
07:11 BONUS