Is this the next big DeFi crypto coin that’s launching on Uniswap with huge yield farm gains to be had?? Maybe! Let’s review how I am putting my crypto coins to work by yield farming and liquidity mining this new DeFi coin! Sub to VoskCoin –

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Decentralized Finance has become an incredibly interesting and potentially profitable piece of cryptocurrency and blockchain this year! People are always asking what is the next big Uniswap coin or the best DeFi coins or the next best coin for yield farming or how to make money liquidity mining, well Velotoken is the latest release on DeFi experiment crypto coins AND they DO NOT have a lock-up period with their coin. The Velotoken Uniswap Ethereum pairing has over $100,000 worth of liquidity already, there is also yield farming associated with this liquidity pool, but will this coin be able to maintain interest after their extremely quick yield farming period ends and all of their coins are distributed?! No one knows, so let’s review everything we do know about Velotoken and yield farming this hot new DeFi coin!

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