Introducing SwissBorg Smart Yield | Optimised, automated yield farming

Is your crypto working for you? Find out how you can make it do overtime with SwissBorg’s Smart Yield wallet, available on USDC and CHSB, with BTC, ETH, BNB and more still to come!

Yield farming is one of the most exciting innovations in crypto, but it’s difficult to get started. First there are the risks – hacking, volatility, liquidation, poor smart contracts and scams.

Then, there are limitations. If you don’t have thousands to invest, your profits quickly get eaten up by gas fees. And if you don’t have time to manage dozens of platforms, check protocols and do due diligence, you probably aren’t getting the best yield for your risk.

Instead, the SwissBorg Smart Yield wallet allows anyone to earn a yield on they crypto, starting from €10, at the tap of a finger.

On a daily basis our oracle scans and monitors all the different investment opportunities and delivers for you the best investment returns. Not only do we assess the best risk/reward ratio, but also your assets are protected by our MPC technology and our Safety Net Program.

The result? Earn up to 30% on USDC and 7% on CHSB, with BTC, ETH, BNB and more still to come!

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