Golden Eggs Finance – Lower Risk Yield Farming on Tron

Golden Eggs finance on Tron brings you No Impermanent Loss, One-Click Staking,
Locked Liquidity, Multiple Pools. Bought it to you from the guys at super chickens.

Golden Eggs is a Defi ecosystem composed of two Defi Tokens and three Farming contracts, hosted on the Tron Blockchain, transparent and opensource. It is the first Defi Dapp that is easy to use, thanks to the “One-Click Staking” function, and safe thanks to its embedded secured-liquidity mechanism.

All liquidity is always locked forever, by default. This offers great protection against impermanent losses also known as “rug pull” since nobody can take advantage of the system. Golden Eggs and Golden Diamonds price is totally dictated by supply and demand dynamics, the whole dapp is fully decentralized all the time. Golden Eggs can be bought and sold at any time, and they can be also used to farm Golden Diamonds! Golden Diamonds can be bought and sold at any time! GoldenEggs is an entertainment vehicle and not an investment product.

Golden Eggs Finance


Wise Token: Redefining crypto (10% Staking bonus)

QUBITTECH – BTC Max 2% Daily, Return 250%

Bankroll Flow
buddy: TU7AQrTtH4jtCE1e1iG9qqPhhBY9skVz1u

Wiseling: BTC-ETH-USD

Cat Trade -CopyCat trading

Axion Network

Eclipcity Global: upto 1% Daily 310% Returns

Golden Eggs Finance


Blockfi – Earn Interest on your Crypto as you HODL (EARN $10 in BTC)

Celsius – Earn Interest on your Crypto as you HODL. (EARN $20 in BTC)

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