FS19 Precision Farming Increased Yield Amounts Using the Crop Rotation Planner & What I Discovered!

No Man’s Land Map w/ Seasons w/ the Shelby MT geo. Year 2 Late Summer, Start from Scratch PS4

The perfect thing happened today for my FS19 singe save game. Along with the DLC, Precision Farming and the Seasons Mod in my single save game, I harvest the crop type of Wheat from 2 different, but equal size fields.

Two fields, ready to harvest are approximately the same size and also have the same crop type on them. The kicker is the 2 fields with Wheat on them are on a sandy type of soil, but different soil types from each other non the less.

Cool, so then what comes into play next shocks me here in this video because along with the crop rotation planner, (in Seasons), crop yields are now greatly affected more than I thought possible! It is exciting what I discovered about the different yield amounts from the 2 separate fields with Precision Farming as well as Seasons working together in the game! I then knew I had to record this as it happened.

Sadly, there was a much longer video before this one, that showed me harvesting both fields, live as it happened, but I somehow screwed up the recording from actually saving. So after being upset for a couple minutes, I thought to myself, I could still make a video about this if I do it now! So I made this video as soon as that happened to make sure and preserve and explain the best way I can what just happened, as it happened, just minutes before. (By Making this much shorter video here).