Duck Token Yeild Farming | Long Term Profit making Liquidity Pool

Duck Token Yeild Farming | Long Term Profit making Liquidity Pool

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About Project : Duck Liquidity Pool was pioneered by DuckDao, the world’s largest and most popular crowd-backed digital asset incubator. With DuckDaoDime (DDIM), we revolutionised the early stage crypto investment market. Next, we incubated and successfully launched some of the earliest DeFi projects in the space.

As DuckDao moved from one step to the next, it became clearer that the yield farming industry and digital asset market making were not currently designed for longer term success of all involved stakeholders. Hence, we went back to the drawing board and built a DeFi market making solution that also provides a long term passive income to all liquidity providers.

The Duck Token
The Duck Liquidity Pool is a DuckDAO DeFi Market Maker protocol that will provide an opportunity for yield farmers to take advantage of the new opportunities with real skin in the game. At the very core of the DLP is the “One-Sided Token Burn” (Unilateral burn) which is counterintuitive at first, because it burns 50% of the provided Liquidity. However, the high expected APY levels, access to 50% of profits from market making, airdrop of incubated project tokens and customised NFT campaigns can result in compounding of long term passive income. The Duck Liquidity Token’s ticker is $DUCK

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