💵 3 ways to invest $10,000 in DeFi

Strategy 1
Alchemix (https://alchemix.fi)+ Harvest Finance(https://harvest.finance/)
Transfer $10,000 to DAI
Deposit $10,000 DAI into Alchemix (11.834% APY as of writing)
Mint $5,000 alUSD
Deposit $5000 alUSD into Transmute tab and wait for your alUSD to convert to DAI
Withdraw $5000 DAI
Head to https://harvest.finance/ into the “Stablecoins” tab and find DAI.
Deposit $5000 DAI
What is happening here?
We are first depositing $10,000 into the Alchemix vault

Alchemix Vault
This $10,000 gets sent to the DAI vault @ https://yearn.finance/vaults earning ~12% APY
Upon doing so you are granted the ability to mint up to 50% your initial value input in alUSD (the native Alchemix stablecoin). This is done by going to the borrow tab. Once the alUSD is borrowed, you can head over to the transmute tab and stake your alUSD and wait for the transmuter to transmute your alUSD to DAI. This transmute functionality is unique to Alchemix and is discussed further here 👉 (https://alchemix.fi/transmuter).
What’s cool about this process is that the $5000 we borrow is being paid off constantly as the initial deposit is generating a ~12% return, being paid towards the payment of the loan. (around 3 years to fully repay debt). The benefit of doing this is we get instant access to $5000 that we can invest now and start earning a yield on. (Read more here)
Withdraw your DAI. From here you can head over to https://harvest.finance/ and deposit your DAI to earn ~23% APY

Or if you have some NFTs you want to show off, withdraw it and buy yourself an NFT Display frame!
Strategy 2
Alpha Homora v2 Curve 3pool leveraged yield farming position (https://homora-v2.alphafinance.io/farm/wgauge-0xfdb4f97953150e47c8606758c13e70b5a789a7ec-0-0)
Transfer $10,000 to $3333 DAI, $3333 USDC, $3333 USDT
Head over to the Alpha Homora v2 dashboard (https://homora-v2.alphafinance.io/)
Supply max amount of DAI, USDC, USDT to Curve 3pool
Borrow up to 9x leverage
Confirm strategy
This positions is cool due to the types of fees generated from the positions.
Yield = 109.28% Yield Farming + 15.35% Trading Fee + 74.06% Alpha APY – 36.88% Borrow APY

Both the yield farming and trading fees are transferred to your original positions after you withdraw your position, and the Alpha APY is sent to your wallet within the site for you to claim.

The only way this position can be liquidated is if one of the stablecoins peg gets lost, and brings your debt ratio greater than 100%. If this is of concern to you, you could just leverage your position less than 9x. You can look at all the open positions here 👇

Some quick calculations we get…
$10,000 * 1.6181 = 16,181 APY
16,181 APY / 12 = ~$1,348 / month
Pretty good returns for a stablecoin investment!
Strategy 3
Badger DAO DIGG sett vault (read more on sett vaults here)
Transfer $10,000 to DIGG
Head over to the Sett Vaults page (https://app.badger.finance/)
Deposit DIGG into Digg vault

What’s cool about this vault is that it utilizes Yearn ecosystem of vaults to maximize returns. What’s even cooler is that DIGG is pegged to BTC! So you get exposure to BTC price fluctuations while also generating ~138% APY on top!


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