☞BAO Finance – Best Defi Yield Farming project of 2021 or a SCAM 🙀? Overview of some Key points.

My very first video! BRAND NEW VIDEO on MY BRAND NEW CHANNEL!!! Yay!! I will be introducing myself, and briefly going over Bao.Finance, new Defi Yield farming protocol/project that created a buzz in the community. Influenfers like Chico Crypto mentioned it, and price skyrocketted. Is this a good project, or some sort of scam with a rug pull incomng? Let’s review.

BUT — PLEASE BE ADVISED: I didn’t cover the core specs of the project (AAVE + SNX, but on Uniswap, etc…) My main concern was with Locking Up tokens that I spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO STAKE lol.

Also, what’s up with locking period? Why are my tokens farmed being locked up? for how long? Why so many coins in circulation? These and few other questions will be answered here in this video, but we’ll MOSTLY look at this video as my intro..

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