Cointelegraph Launches Crypto Intelligence Platform Markets Pro, Powered By The TIE

Cointelegraph Markets Pro, A data platform designed to level the playing field for cryptocurrency market participants, it is now available to the public after a successful trial period.

The platform, which has been in development for a year, is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the cryptocurrency markets and the key drivers of asset price movements.. It was jointly developed by Cointelegraph and The TIE, a leading provider of cryptocurrency data, analytics, and software that counts leading hedge funds, market makers, and OTC desks among its clients.

VORTECS Score Test

At the heart of the platform is the VORTECS score, which compares current market conditions for more than 130 crypto assets with historically similar market scenarios. A proprietary algorithm analyzes those historical conditions, looking for consistent patterns in market behavior in the following days.

“Even if cryptocurrency markets may appear volatile, volatility often demonstrates remarkable consistency,” said the CEO of Cointelegraph, Jay Cassano. “While we are all aware that past performance is not indicative of future results, the Markets Pro platform combines sentiment analysis and activity on social media with real-time market conditions in a way that allows us to model very specific “.

“History doesn’t predict, but it can be very informative.”

VORTECS beta testing returned convincing results, according to Joshua Frank, CEO of The TIE.

“We tested every score that crossed a certain threshold in our active beta phase,” explained Frank. “When the VORTECS Score for a particular crypto asset crossed 70, we saw an average price increase of 7.61% over the next 24 hours and 25.9% over the next seven days.”

Frank pointed out that When scores crossed the 80 threshold, asset gains were 8.58% over the next 24 hours and 28.2% over the next week.

“Of course, since most cryptocurrency traders are switching to other assets like Bitcoin, the true measure of success during a bull market is whether the assets that crossed these thresholds generated profits against the entire crypto market,” Frank continued.

“And in fact, that’s exactly what happened: Over the course of a week, assets with 70 scores gained an average of 21.3% compared to the universe of coins, increasing to 23.8% for assets that scored more than 80 “.

Breaking news hits the headlines faster

Cointelegraph Markets Pro also has NewsQuakes, a comprehensive headline news aggregator believed to be the fastest in the cryptocurrency industry.

“We have been working with The TIE for a year to identify and isolate the most important price drivers in the news cycle,” explained Cointelegraph editor-in-chief, Jon Rice.

“Token burnings, exchanges, partnerships and staking announcements are some of the headlines that tend to move the markets. The Markets Pro platform uses AI to examine the thousands of sources we analyze every minute, delivering key insights on these events directly to Markets Pro subscribers, often within seconds. “

Rice suggested that when a cryptocurrency asset is listed on Coinbase, for example, you often see a rapid and significant price appreciation. “These announcements can offer quick returns to traders who perceive them quickly,” he said.

“For example, our NewsQuake system delivered the news of Filecoin’s listing in December one minute after the announcement, and almost 60 seconds before the Coinbase team tweeted. That window is important to traders. “

Rice also noted that for many foreign exchanges, the time between an ad in the exchange’s native language and an English version can be much longer, but the NewsQuake service supports multiple languages ​​and translates them in real time.

Market intelligence for everyone

Markets Pro subscribers also get access to community features. Managed by teams from Cointelegraph and The TIE, members can join the discussion with other enthusiasts, share strategies and ideas, and access unique research from the experts.

Cassano hopes that the combination of real-time news and algorithmic modeling will make the cryptocurrency markets more accessible to investors of all kinds. “We have witnessed a global increase in interest in cryptocurrencies, as well as the realization that the information asymmetries inherent in existing financial markets tend to be compared to the average investor. I hope Markets Pro can help level that playing field in the crypto industry. “

Frank echoed the sentiment and stated that “When we initially set out to build The TIE more than three years ago, we had a singular goal: to enable millions of everyday investors around the world to make more informed decisions with reliable and transparent cryptocurrency data. The challenge was to synthesize the billions of data points that we capture and share intelligence that is useful and insightful to everyone. “

Cointelegraph Market Pro is available here

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