Galileo Token Custom rebase token on BSC

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 And Yet, It Moves!

 An Elastic Supply Token

 We use Rebase for our goal to always pump our price, till we reach our 1st Milestone: $384.403 per token!! (Earth – Moon Distance).

 We guarantee a constant pump in price!

 Just get on board and join our journey to reach the moon and after that continue through the stars!

A small Introduction

 Galileo token is a rebasing and autonomous token with an automatic liquidity pool algorithm which auto burns LP tokens. It also has the mechanism of token reclaim with burn, from here on mentioned as Refracting Telescope, named by one of Galileo’s inventions.

 The Refracting Telescope ensures that there is a guaranteed rise, in order to achieve its 1st milestone of $384.403 per token (Earth-Moon distance). For this, Galileo token uses the magnification techniques of the refracting telescope, thus being able to make adaptations all the time in order to reach this price level. This means that the price of Galileo will continue to rise resulting in an almost perfect chart with 4 hour green candles.

Rebasing: The Hydraustatic Balance

 Galileo is famous for his invention of hydraustatic balance, which he described in a treatise titled La Bilancetta (The Little Balance). It was an accurate method of measuring the purity of metals.

Following his lead on that, we will constatly push the price up. How you ask?

 With rebase! In essense we put inflation and push up the price but retaining “balance”, thus the name hydraustatic balance. With inflation, zeros are gone and green candles are made. It is a proved procedure! As we mentioned before, we have a constant in our equation, the gravitational acceleration. So rebase will happen in g=9.81% every 8 hours.

It is important to understand that rebasing $GAL will not affect its exchange rate with other currencies.

Let’s make it simple.

The equation for measuring distance is: D=1/2gt^2+ut

-The D =”Distance” starts at 0,000000000175m, thus starting price at 0,000000000175$. -Increases every 8 hours by:g=”Gravitational acceleration”=9.81m/s^2, thus by 9.81% until it reaches the moon.

-Galileo token has a constant velocity of: u = 9.81m/s (we want our velocity to match our acceleration), thus a tax rate of 9.81% per transaction, which is divided between liquidity, refracting telescope and a marketing/developing provision.

 You cannot look at the stars and dream without thinking of light! Light travels at a speed of 299792458m/s, thus creating a tax upon selling C=2.99%. Ifyou want to return to earth,this is an extra tax fee for the return trip.

 Too many Rebase tokens have just pooped up… How are we different you ask?

 We do not have a ceiling! We will not take out liquidity when we achieve our 1st milestone, but adjust and continue to the next “star”! Thus, our cosmic journey!

 We have implemented a tax sell fee in order to discourage swing trading. We want holders, since we are here for the long term.

— Tokenomics —

 Ticker: $GAL

 Initial Supply: 1Quadrillion $GAL

 Tax: 9.81%, distributed in 3 Equal Portions of 3.27% each.

-Liquidity Pool with Auto-Burn LP Token mechanism.

-Reclaim/Burn Mechanism.


 Safe: No DEV wallet or other tricks


– Anti-Swing Trading: 2.99%tax fee upon selling transactions.

– Rebasing to Ensure Price Rising

 DX Public Presale , 150BNB HC HIT

 And Yet, It Moves!

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